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Pink Monday, in Dutch ‘Roze Maandag’, is the most popular theme day of the yearly funfair in TilburgNetherlands. This year there were over 260.000 visitors. Pink Monday has become one of the largests events that gives attention to gay rights and integration in the Netherlands.

It is about acceptance, tolerance and bringing people together. This results in very fun day with lot’s of music, drinking, dressing in pink and having fun. If you’re in the Netherlands during this period we really suggest to join the party and of course wear something pink.

Pink Monday 2014Deaq live in action at Pink Monday 2014.

The yearly funfair in Tilburg is the largest of the Netherlands and one of the largest in Europe. The fair is like a ribbon through the city, spread over a length of over 3.5 kilometers. The funfair takes 10 days and is held every year in July, the exact starting date changes every year but it is the last full week of July. Here are the dates for the coming years:

18 – 27 July 2014
17 – 26 July 2015
22 – 31 July 2016
21 – 30 July 2017
20 – 29 July 2018
19 – 28 July 2019
17 – 26 July 2020

Website of Pink Monday:
Website of Tilburg funfair:

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